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Welcome home! We specialize in helping pets and landlords unite so all parties can live happily ever after. We know first hand how difficult and competitive it can be to find housing especially when moving with a pet. While some towns and small cities have a relative wealth of options to choose from, others, such as San Francisco, seem to be experiencing a housing crisis of sorts when it comes to pet-friendly options. Anywhere that the housing market is tight — New York, Houston, Chicago — can expect to find a growing problem. With a little research, you can find the perfect home for both you and your pets. And with smart planning a landlord can have peace of mind in renting one’s property to a pet and its parent.

“At the San Francisco SPCA, we are seeing an increasing number of teary-eyed pet owners being forced to surrender their cats and dogs to us because of housing issues,” says Media Relations Specialist Krista Maloney. “This disturbing trend is due to the fact that pet-friendly housing is becoming scarce in San Francisco. Despite being one of the most pet-friendly cities in America, landlords have a different idea of what constitutes a good renter.”